The holiday season is now in full swing and as a business owner, you may be wondering what the best ways to hire seasonal workers are. Here are a couple of tips. 

The main thing to keep in mind when hiring seasonal workers is to start early. You should begin recruiting seasonal workers a few months prior to the holiday season, around September and October. Starting earlier will allow you to recruit the best job candidates. 

Run help-wanted ads in your local newspapers as well as on hiring sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed. You can also post job openings on your business’s social media page to let your followers and clients know that you are looking for seasonal workers. That way, even if they can’t work, they can spread the word to people they know who may be able to. 

Reach out to previous employees who you trust to work hard and already know the business. Retired workers can make great seasonal workers. Contact local colleges and universities and ask to post job listings around their campus, so that students who are home for breaks know that they can get a job while they are off school. Same goes for high school students who may be interested in working over break as well. 

Next, be flexible about scheduling and be honest about job descriptions. Be willing to work with the schedules of the people who show interest in working. If they are going to be lifting boxes in a warehouse the whole time, be honest about that. If they are going to be working as a cashier the whole time dressed up as an elf, be upfront about that. 

The holiday seasons don’t have to be stressful for your business, they can be jolly. These tips will make your seasonal hiring process much more merry and bright! 

Article by
Abigail Dycus
Content Writer and Researcher

Abigail Dycus