Many entrepreneurs struggle with overwhelm. There are so many things to read, watch, and do.

As it relates to marketing:

Leverage is maximum results, least amount of effort.

Productivity is maximum results, least amount of time.

The question is: What can you invest time into that will have the biggest marketing leverage and productivity?

This is one of the reasons why I talk about Free Recorded Messages. It does the job of an army of salespeople, and you don’t have to pay anyone commissions. You just have to craft the messaging and put it in an automated, robotic system.

A lot of really good, caring people work really hard for very little results. Yet, some narcissists and charlatans who don’t really care about their clients manage to become wealthy. Often, the difference is compelling marketing that works.

All money EARNED ETHICALLY is a by-product of value creation. So, you want to make your marketing valuable in a way that even if a prospect never hires you, they will learn something valuable. As a result, many people will end up trusting you because of the useful information you put out into the world. This then makes you a trusted advisor.

In this way, a Free Recorded Message is a Time Management Marketing template you can use almost anywhere in your business to provide value to people and position yourself as, not only trustable, but worth doing business with.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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