Between all the books, courses, and seminars… I’ve spent several million dollars on my own education. I’ve read over 1,000 books. I hang out with bright people all the time.

I’ve gleaned a lot of insight, and for Christmas Eve I want to share the top 3 insights for WINNERS (like you). I hope you find these useful in 2023.

Here are the 3 E.L.F.® Insights (Easy, Lucrative, and FUN!):

#1 Unlearning is More Important than Learning

Yes, it’s important to learn. You want to get strategies and become capable. Yet, what gets in the way for most people is the beliefs they have and thoughts that control them in negative ways. It requires unlearning.

#2 Winners Find Ways

Losers find ways too. It doesn’t mean they are bad people. It’s that the way they go about life is not working for them. If they change, they can win. Sometimes this means admitting things they would rather not and seeking help. Remember that when you are stuck: “Winners Find Ways.”

#3 The People You Want To Persuade in Life Are Not Persuaded By What You SAY, They Are Persuaded By What You DO

Anyone can talk a good game. You don’t build a great reputation by talking about what you’re going to do. You build a great reputation by actually doing it. If you have goals and aspirations, stop telling them to the world – do them. When you DO them, you have told them to the world in a much stronger way than if you talk about them.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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