If you’re an entrepreneur, you most likely love your craft. But you also love making a living off of that craft, which drives you to grow your businesses. Because of the pandemic, now is the perfect time to creatively rethink how your business scales to new heights. These are my recommendations if you’re looking for relevant, growth-minded business podcasts that look at the business landscape from unique perspectives.

‘Entrepreneur Wrap’

David Brickley and Brett Regan host this fun, witty podcast covering relevant news, the tech industry, and the latest evolutions of the business landscape. These two are well known for their full-service marketing firm, STN Digital. As they interview fellow entrepreneurs, they share working knowledge of what techniques are enabling business owners to grow their companies.

‘Career Relaunch’

If you’re looking for a podcast covering the holistic and emotional aspects of launching a business, this is the one for you. The host, Joseph Liu, is a personal branding consultant, and he interviews business owners about their jump from being an employee to an owner.

‘Budget and Cents’

Since financials are the main obstacle that stops aspiring business owners, it’s easy to see why this podcast is such a hit. Hosts Cait Flanders and Carrie Smith are fellow entrepreneurs who overcame their debt, which pushed them into their entrepreneurial journeys. In every episode, the pair breaks down unique and practical ways to cut expenses and pay off debt.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA