In this episode, you’ll discover how the LEGO principle can make you richer, marketing automation done right, the power of a playbook and more with Genius Network Member Brad Martineau. Brad is the founder of SixthDivision, a company that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs reduce overwhelm and in-office complexity with automation so they can better convert leads into sales.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Brad in this episode:

  • How to convert more leads into sales using marketing automation
  • How to reduce frustration around marketing automation
  • The biggest problem with automation is not the software, it’s the process (and what you can do to maximize the process starting today)
  • Why how you implement automation is your greatest asset (not the software)
  • Your greatest asset is your ability to implement ideas (and what you can do to do this more often, more efficient, and more effective)
  • How to bridge that gap from idea to implementation with your automation
  • What LEGO figured out for small business (and how it applies to you converting leads into clients)
  • The power of modular thinking: Breaking down the big thing and compartmentalizing into smaller pieces (or bags)
  • The BIG Problem with the framework of Marketing Automation (and how it’s keeping you stuck)
  • Marketing Automation expands to people who do work in sales, fulfillment, and more (and you might be missing 90% of what could be done to make your company more efficient, and effective)
  • How a Company Playbook and Blueprint can create greater freedom, impact, and contribution and allow you to implement more ideas
  • And more…

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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