There’s a reason why clients all over the country refer to Joel Weldon as the most prepared and useful speaker they’ve ever come across. It’s the same reason why we choose to feature him here at AFE: He’s simply the best. If you’re looking for presentations that cover virtually any business topic you could dream of, Weldon is your guy. Over the years, he’s become well-known in entrepreneurial circles for his energetic and entertaining presence and eye-opening insights into the way we carry ourselves through life. Whatever your needs are, he is sure to bring revelations that you hadn’t considered before.

If you’re not satisfied, he’s willing to put his fee on the line until he proves you wrong. Since he operates on a positive review-based system, there’s no fudging the results. With that being said, he does everything in his power to make sure his clients walk away with a new perspective on things. Weldon prepares for 50 hours or more before every show and uses that preparation to deliver you the best possible results. There’s no shortage of ways to utilize his unique skill set either, with him performing at everything from conferences, to custom videos, to keynote speeches.

If you can think it, he’s got something to say about it. We’ve seen his prowess firsthand. His most popular topics include teamwork building, handling rejection, making work fun, time management and literally dozens of others. If he doesn’t cover it, he offers custom content curated to your specific needs. Give Joel a try at your next business function — you’ve got nothing to lose.

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA