AFEUSA serves a need with a portfolio of products that can match the needs of the growing audience of independent contractors participating in the gig economy. Independent contractors are micro entrepreneurs. AFEUSA Membership is priced to be affordable, and the value received is exceptional providing a safety net or products and services the growing gig economy seeks.

Record breaking inflation rates of 7%-8% are our new reality. This is the highest inflation experienced in U.S. in over 40 years. Important to understand is the lost in purchasing power of most workers. We talk about gas prices; however, we are now feeling the impact across all expenditures including baby formula.

When inflation outpaces wage increases, the deficit is borne by both workers and of course, consumers. Traditional wage increases run between 2% to 4% on average. It is unlikely that average wage increases will match the current increase in inflation. What this really means is: Most traditional workers and consumers will experience a decrease in purchasing power in 2022!

The answer to this dilemma is always the possibility of activating a complimentary income stream that has the potential to become more than complimentary. This is why it is important to understand the gig economy and its significance. Recent research (Ultimate Gig/Peterson, October 2021) revealed that 69% of gig workers are now working multiple gigs … proof again that there is a growing desire to test micro entrepreneurial skills ( More importantly is this hypothesis: When one gig can be managed effectively, the confidence is gained that one can work another gig or several, especially when they are not conflicting. Flexibility and freedom in how work can be done will become a new norm.

When flexibility and freedom in how the work can be accomplished becomes reality, the enthusiasm for engaging multiple gigs becomes more than a possibility. The choices exist! Our hypothesis should not be taken lightly as data revealed that 69% of gig workers are working multiple gigs. This is a huge percentage!

Gig work is engaged when the worker wants to engage therefore gigs are a form of entrepreneurship. AFEUSA recently took note of the book Ultimate Gig and view it as a must read for all seeking to leverage underutilized assets. The book educates and informs. It stimulates thinking about the many choices which now enable various income earning opportunities that can be embraced and adopted by anyone with a desire to leverage an underutilized physical asset or, time, knowledge, and skills. Most importantly, the gig economy and its many choices are based upon extending flexibility and freedom to those who do the work. There are four major categories of gigs: Transportation, Service, Selling and/or Leasing. The largest single segment of gig workers are those who market their talents and skills from education, coaching, professional services of all types and sales of products and services that may have been hobbies. Example: Dog walking has become a professional service that is now become a popular gig. All segments in the population can benefit from the choices in the gig economy.

Watch this 2-minute video then order Ultimate Gig Book and Ultimate Gig Resources.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet