Think of your life as a puzzle made up of thousands of puzzle pieces… The middle part of the puzzle is your CORE. It’s where your self-image and consciousness live. It’s where the deepest work is done and the deepest part of yourself resides. Yet, most people work around the EDGES of their puzzle. People will spend 30 minutes or an hour in front of a mirror every morning doing their hair, putting on makeup, and putting on the “right” clothes. People will try to accessorize themselves. There is a multi-trillion-dollar industry in accessorizing – makeup, clothes, jewelry, cars, watches, and more. These are all outer edges of the puzzle.

All the external materialism in the world – the houses we live in, our image, our status, our job title, our personal branding, even working out to build muscle – it’s ALL outer-edges activity. Contrast this with another activity, like counseling or therapy. Both go right to the middle of your puzzle and rips your psyche apart.

The reality is most people don’t go to the core. They don’t rip out the inner parts of the puzzle. They don’t unlearn. They spend their whole lives on the outer edges of the puzzle. They go from one seminar or book to the next and they don’t deal with the CORE issues.

All core change is complicated. When you put focus on the middle of your puzzle, it’s one decision that solves a hundred other decisions.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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