Any problem in the world can be solved with the right sales letter.

Your sales letter could be a video, a podcast, a webinar, a written sales letter… When you’re attempting to bring the best Clients, Investors, Partners, etc. into your company, it’s a matter of communicating in the most powerful, effective way. This is where MARKETING comes in.

If you think of your sales letter, or video, or webinar, etc. as a conversion mechanism – you want to create a “Control”. In the Direct Mail world, people send out an initial sales letter and it converts.  That sales letter becomes the “Control”.  Your job is to always beat the Control.

At Boardroom Inc., they used to have a big sign on the wall that said, “The Control Is The Enemy.” Again, you want to have a “Control” – and then you want to beat it.

Here’s what to do now: Determine what mechanism you’re going to use to communicate and convert people consistently. Get this right and you can have people pre-interested, pre-motivated, pre-qualified, and pre-disposed to do business with you.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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