If you’re looking for fast, easy ways to upgrade your homemade dishes, you’ve found the right article. We’re here to provide some ideas to help you upgrade your cooking skills. Whether you want to impress, eat healthier, or sharpen a technique you use every day, learning new cooking tricks is a great way to improve a skill you can use for a whole lifetime!

First, research new cuisines. The secret to exploring new cuisines isn’t just looking up recipes and making them but, instead, actually researching the traditional techniques and ingredient combinations used. For example, the secret to any of your favorite stir-fry takeout dishes is a wok. Woks are broad, thin, dome-like cooking pans designed to pair with gas stoves or a wok burner so they can run extremely hot. A wok isn’t the only option — a flat stainless steel skillet can work even better than a wok on an induction stove — but it changes how you cook and makes your food more authentic.

Second, explore different flavor combinations and profiles. If you’ve cooked enough, you probably tend to rely on certain ingredients and spice combinations to create something delicious. But you can make huge improvements in your cooking and dish variety when you consciously break out of your typical flavor profile habits!

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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