#377 Episode Summary

In this episode, Joel Weldon, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish discuss valuable speaking and presenting strategies for delivering a compelling message to your audience. Joel will reveal his 3-word secret for ensuring your message is never misunderstood and you’ll hear organization tips, ways to leverage your personality, and the best tools to become a respected expert in your marketplace – whether you’re speaking virtually or in-person.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Joel, Dean, and Joe in this episode:

  • The 3 most valuable speaking and presentation lessons Joel Weldon has ever learned.
  • How to transform fear into calm and confidence when presenting in front of any size audience.
  • A simple, scientifically proven way to use your personality to get the future you want.
  • How to best organize your ideas and effectively connect them to your audience.
  • The fastest way to position yourself as a respected expert in your marketplace.
  • Joel gives you his 3-word secret for ensuring your message is never misunderstood.
  • How to craft a story so effective and so emotional you will never be forgotten.
  • Little tweaks that make your speeches and presentations even more impactful.
  • How to connect to your virtual audience and feel confident in any virtual setting.
  • 3 simple, easy-to-use tips for having even more success with online presentations.
  • Put your call to action ___(HERE)___ , NOT at the end of your speech. Here’s why…
  • One of the biggest secrets you can use to become an even better communicator.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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