Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are continually expanding their advertising tools, and properly utilizing them is a full-time job. To ensure you’re making the most out of your Twitter presence, here is what you need to know.

Stay positive and share positivity.

At the moment, there’s a lot of stress-inducing press coverage. And, while it’s important to stay authentic, retweeting positive press is a great way to set yourself apart from other businesses. If your brand is doing something to help relief efforts, don’t be afraid to share that, as well.

Always look for opportunities to talk with your audience.

It’s not only important to recognize what your target market thinks about your product but also about the world in general. By observing broad and local hashtags relating to your clients’ and your product’s general needs, you’ll have a complete perspective on your customer profile. This highlights new pain points they might be experiencing, which opens the door to expanding your offerings to meet those new customer demands.

Have fun and be approachable.

People love twitter for entertaining and exciting posts, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your content’s rhetoric. Fun and lighthearted jokes about your industry or your brand itself are a great way to engage your audience. Take @Casper’s pillow tweets for an interesting example.

Making the right moves on a platform so many are already mastering is challenging even for well-established companies. But the team at SocialCore Marketing makes hitting the ground running effortless. If you’re an AFEUSA member, take advantage of your exclusive discount through your membership portal.


by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA