As the world’s technology progresses and more businesses are transitioning to internet-focused content, it is beneficial to recognize the newest social media trends and why they are so successful. Here are several trends that business owners have found useful in 2022:

E-commerce has skyrocketed in the recent years of the internet making it not just a commodity, but often a necessity. With small creators on the rise and social media marketing being the craze, e-commerce has been able to take major brands and make them viral without a storefront to showcase the products they advertise.

Vertical Short Footage
Short footage has come recently through Vine then TikTok, finding major success in platform’s accommodations as well. YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories are examples of major companies recognizing the transition to short vertical footage. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s effective. Millions of eyes would rather sit through a short vertical video than put in the effort to listen to a longer video by turning the phone – this was however solved also with comedy.

Though comedy has always been adored by soon-coming customers, the trend of slap-stick comedy has very much made itself popular. Comedy entices viewers to continue to watch, and in longer videos that contain more information – this is crucial. This may not be useful depending on the brand, but many companies have found major success with a long, entertaining video that informs the viewer of the company and what it has to offer.

Take vertical short footage, shorten it even further, and put it together with comedy and you have memes. Memes effectively encourage viewers to relate to the content while also informing those same viewers with information you want to give. Memes also have the most ease when sharing it and spreading it to others.

Inclusivity and diversity have been topics that recent social media influencers have really hit heavily. Being proactive in standing up for others has been highly encouraged, especially when they are a minority. Businesses’ efforts to include these morals has spread positive messages that uplift consumer’s views of the company as an entity and a product.

Mental Health
Mental health is another topic that many have focused on this year. Quarantine caused many to feel a decline in their mental health. This sparked the movement to not only help people with mental health issues, but also educate the world with how to help and what to do if one needs help.

The most appealing topic in recent months has been authenticity with young and old customers. Companies that are transparent, comedic, and relatable have found great success in 2022.

Social Media Currency
The most recent of trends happens to be social media currency as its benefits have brought in major returns for several individual companies. Views, likes, and comments have always been something of value. As a result, companies have monetized these statistics by allowing customers to buy from the establishment using these three numbers. Posts grant free services, causing immediate customer satisfaction, and a major boost in reliably trusted marketing.

Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson