In years past, many small businesses had very simple systems for managing their payroll, including paper records or simple excel spreadsheets. But technology has changed drastically in the years since the internet, and modern small businesses have many tools available to manage their payroll services. Venturing into these tools can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, we can help you parse your options and settle on the best option.

The first factor to consider when looking for a payroll tool is how many companies are currently using it. It is also important to keep in mind what type of businesses are utilizing the service and whether they are mostly small or large? You want a tool that matches your business’s size. Make sure you check the reviews, not only how highly reviewed the product is but who is providing the reviews? Employee reviews (if they specify) are important to consider. As a budding startup or small business, the range of services is important to consider as well.

One product that meets many small business requirements is Gusto. Gusto is very easy to use, and their customer service is highly reviewed by both the companies that are purchasing the product and their employees.

Pricing is $39 a month base, with an additional $6 a month per person. AFEUSA members can receive a 3-month free trial. So if you’re in need of an appropriate payroll service as you scale your business, utilize the free trial and see if Gusto is right for you and your company.

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA