While it is not essential to have a degree for entrepreneurship, it is very beneficial to go to college where you will be able to learn many of the soft skills it requires to create your own business. However, there are some advantages to forgoing college that should be considered.

Skipping College
There are many expenses when starting a new business and it would be very challenging to meet those when you also have loans you are trying to pay off from college.

Another pro would be if you knew of a product or service that consumers would benefit from immediately, then it is important to take advantage as soon as possible instead of waiting for a degree to act.

Going to College
While there are some advantages to skipping college, there are also many benefits in getting a degree. There are so many networking opportunities like having a professor connecting you with alumni, meeting future clients at job fairs, or meeting a classmate that could become a business partner. Gaining experience is also another benefit to going to college because of the internships and volunteer work that you can become connected with.

Finally, there are also certifications that a business owner can only have with an undergraduate degree. Exceptions do happen, but for the most part these certifications help find clients which requires a college education.


This is a major decision that all high school graduates must go through, and it is a hard decision to make at such a young age. There are lots of materials and research out there weighing the pros and cons that young entrepreneurs must take advantage of.



Article by
Derek Bock
Content Writer, Marketer and Researcher