Ever since COVID-19 came on the scene, everything about our daily lives seems a little harder. And it’s not necessarily that picking up food or shopping at the grocery store has gotten more difficult (those might’ve gotten easier, in fact) — it’s simply feeling the shadow of the pandemic over us whenever we wear masks or socially distance ourselves. That can really tire us out and tempt us to skip important steps that might involve other people.

If you’re buying a car in these times, that includes pre-purchase car inspections.

It might be an extra $100–$200 out of your pocket, but, especially for used cars you might buy from dealerships or the Facebook Marketplace, you’ll want an expert’s opinion on the car’s longevity before dealing with its problems permanently. Frame damage or even previous fire or flood damage can be invisible from the exterior, but an investigator can identify telltale signs of past accidents.

Convenient options exist for putting your future car through a “doctor’s checkup.” You can call for a mobile inspection, and a mechanic will meet you at the owner’s location. Of course, a mobile investigator won’t have access to the same tools as they would in the garage, but it’s still a very convenient way to check for red flags on the spot.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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