Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, and naturally, you want to share your entire life with your significant other. However, if you and your partner are also in a business relationship, make sure you’re balancing both sides. With these tricks, you’ll both be able to navigate the two aspects of your lives.

Keep communication open and set objectives.

Regardless of whether or not the relationship is romantic, it needs to have a foundation of excellent communication. Every startup has its ups and downs, especially when you’re first getting off the ground. So, it’s important to outline each individual’s responsibilities, which provides an understanding of where they need to focus and allows them to ask for help if needed.

Set boundaries.

Many people look for employees with skill sets that complement their own, and the same principle applies to founders. Even if you two have similar backgrounds and expertise, identify each other’s strong suits and use them in specific business divisions. For example, if you’re great with numbers while your SO is creative, have them tackle advertising while you focus on finance.

Set aside time for fun outside of work.

Your small business is both your passion and livelihood, so it’s natural to lose track of how much time you’re devoting to it. Whether the company is doing well or just starting, work conversations can easily encompass your lives. In an effort to break away from the daily grind, find nonwork activities you both can enjoy.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA