When Joe sat down with his friend Eben Pagan, a well-known Entrepreneur and technology investor, an interesting idea came up about WORK.

Different work produces different results. Some people get up everyday and are excited about their work. Others have enjoyable moments, but for any number of reasons find work difficult or unsatisfactory.

As Joe puts it, sometimes being an Entrepreneur feels like being in a car hurling down the freeway at 80 miles per hour while trying to change the tires. In this pursuit, questions pop up around what your work is producing for you, what it is producing for your family, what it is doing for your mind, your body, your finances, and more.

“I’ve got an idealistic vision for this. I really feel like everyone should love what they do,” says Eben. “I know that’s not perfectly realistic, but I want to start at that end.” Eben explains because of the internet, there is vast growth in options, roles, opportunity, and more.

You can now find people virtually around the world you can work for and with. It actually does get you, more than at any other time, to a place where you could “love what you do”.

“Work used to be going and finding food. Millions of years ago you would wake up hungry and had to find some food. That was foraging or hunting, and it was a different time, Eben explains. “Work had a more direct result. You would forage, find a root, and eat it. You would hunt an animal and eat right there.”

Fast forward to today, and you have a business. You go to work at your business and you invest time, you may invest money, you may run ads, you do follow up with prospects, you make products, and more.

As Eben explains, the gap between doing work and getting the monetary reward might be MONTHS if you’re self-employed. If you have a job, it might be 2 weeks or a month. “That instant gratification of going out and working and getting something back from it is now broken down.”

Eben says he believes we forget that work is about getting results we want in life. We tend to think about doing something to get money, and we think money is the end goal with an added understanding that we can use money to buy some things. “We’ve become disconnected from this. I think we’ve got to put it back together. I think we’ve got to start thinking more from an idealistic design perspective.”

Eben suggests asking eight questions to start doing this:

  1. “What is the life I want?”
  2. “What do I want to be doing with my time?”
  3. “What energizes me?”
  4. “What am I good at?”
  5. “What are my gifts?”
  6. “What sort of personality was I born with?”
  7. “What kind of things am I attracted to?”
  8. “What’s my talent?”

“We have to try a bunch of things out in our lives. We have to try really diverse things.” Eben explains how we have to try more physical things. We have to try more emotional and social things.We have to try more intellectual things. And we have to find combinations of these until we hone in on an area or niche that feels like OUR CALLING and what we’re supposed to be doing. Once we find that, we have to find pragmatic ways to make our calling pay us monetarily.

“Work is essentially expending energy in order to get a result we want. If we know ourselves better, if we get some skills, if we find the right environment, and if we find the thing we can do, so many more of us could love what we do.”

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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