If you’ve been understaffed in the recent months following the lockdowns, you might be already thinking about what you can do to prevent company burn out. The answer may be hiring more help, even though that help may have to be remote.

You already know that remote work isn’t for everyone. Some employees get distracted too easily or can’t organize their workload well from home. But you might not be used to hiring remote workers. Who’s going to excel at remote work? What do they look like?

A good remote worker is tech savvy.

While they’re on the clock, they’re probably on their laptop. IT services may be remote these days, but a remote worker who is skilled at technology and can troubleshoot their own basic questions can be invaluable as your digital tools evolve.

Maintaining motivation and accountability aren’t issues for your ideal remote worker, either.

These are effective traits to have if they’re going to be working alone most of the time. Ultimately, working remotely can leave a person feeling lonely or isolated. Try to spot signs that they’ll still thrive even in an environment where they don’t have their peers in a room next door.

Lastly, you’ll want a remote worker with excellent communication skills.

A good writer and speaker can make communication on all levels quite simple. Pick a remote worker who can communicate concisely and clearly over the phone and text, and you won’t experience the consequences of misunderstood goals, instructions, and deadlines.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA