Moving back into offices from your work-from-home desk space? Or are you still working from home at your kitchen table or sharing an office with a spouse and two children? We get it. Here are some office supplies that will help you stay organized whether it’s at home, a cubicle, or a coffee shop.

A planner
This may sound self-explanatory, old-school, or whatever you want to call it, but a planner is an essential component of organization no matter who you are. Depending on how savvy you are, I know people love using a Google calendar that they always have access to on their phone. Never miss an event. Personally, I prefer using a paper planner (yes, they still exist), something about handwriting things and crossing them off as you complete them is extremely satisfying. Regardless of the form it takes, a planner is sure to keep you organized.

Check your email daily
You know who you are, the one with 25,000+ emails stacking up and that’s just not cutting it. While it’s not a supply, checking your email daily will help your computer stay organized and in turn your work-life balance will maintain organization too. A clear inbox is a clear mind.

Desk organizer
A desk organizer in any capacity will help your workspace stay organized. Whether it is mason jars for your pens and writing utensils, dividers for your drawers, a filing cabinet, a wall-hanging for papers are all great desk organization tools.

A wastebasket
Keeping a wastebasket near or underneath your desk is a great way to avoid unnecessary clutter and messes. Instead of paper plates, coffee cups, and discarded papers ending up pushed into the corners of your desk, placing them directly in the wastebasket near your desk will keep it clutter-free and organized!

Wall calendar
In addition to a planner, a wall calendar will give you an overview of your entire month. Having a wall calendar will allow you to keep track of time and use your planner for daily tasks. Never forget a meeting, birthday, holiday, or day off!

Staying organized can be harder than it sounds but integrating these supplies into your daily routine should make it easier. An organized life is a happy life!


Article by
Abigail Dycus
Content Writer and Researcher

Abigail Dycus