Holidays For Entrepreneurs or Just Cold And Flue Season?

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Call me cynical, but when I start seeing Pumpkins, I think of spending thousands of dollars on decorations. Halloween costumes, hay bails, candy… the expenses roll on. Then we fall right into Thanksgiving and there are turkeys and hams to purchase. Please don’t even get me started on what it costs to feed (and water) forty guests. Water being the operative word during the holidays, of course. And Christmas. The expenses roll on, but I’m so grateful to have created a business that affords me the luxury of hosting and spending without feeling the pain.

Enter the crook. When we think of holiday thief, it’s likely the guy in a hoodie dashing out of Walmart with a arm full of tablets. Did you know that December is also prime identity theft season and credit card fraud? Oh yes, our spending season is also theirs. With the pressure to provide during the holidays, otherwise law abiding citizens can use your information agains you at a time they are hoping you will not notice. With credit card fraud, you are likely covered, but what about identity theft?

As an entrepreneur, we have assets that other individuals don’t need to worry about and large companies have insurance for. AFEUSA has an identity theft solution for you this holiday season, and it’s already included in your membership.

Speaking of cold and flue season, how is your medical coverage? More help from AFEUSA!

NeedyMeds, a nationwide nonprofit, can help you find programs that assist with the cost of medicines and healthcare. All of our services are free and the information is easy to access and updated regularly.

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