No matter what stage of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery your state and business may be in, you may be thinking ahead to what your day at the office will look like. Besides being safe, it should also feel cozy and organized! We need a clean and relaxing space to work in, and when we’re in the process of moving into our offices again, we can accidentally clutter our workspace or leave it too sparse. To avoid this problem, keep these key tips in mind and make your cubicle look better than ever.

No. 1: Strategize an attractive color scheme. 

Choose colors that will make you feel at ease, and try to incorporate these into your work space. You can easily create an accent wall with beautiful fabric or wallpaper, and it will make your cubicle feel that much more welcoming.

No. 2: Make the most of leftover quarantine supplies!

Do you have any wall hooks or wallpaper leftover from redecorating your entryway? What about extra mason jars from the pickling project you were working on? Keep all of those extras! You can use them to make your cubicle just a little more visually appealing, even if you have to refurbish them for a fresh look.

No. 3: Use clear pieces to keep the important items visible and accessible.

You don’t have to use black plastic containers and paper holders for everything. Try clear! Not only will the content be visible in the container, but it will also make everything feel a little more accessible without clashing with the color scheme you choose!

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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