When owning your own business, especially for those new to it, you’re bound to make a mistake or two. While some decisions you make will only cause a minor hiccup, some can create a major problem. Developing a marketing strategy should be one of the top priorities as a business owner. Otherwise, you may come to find you’ve wasted valuable time and money at the expense of your business. And who wants that? So, to be sure you steer clear of any costly mistakes here are some of the major marketing blunders you will want to avoid.


Wrong target audience

You should already have a strong idea of what type of audience your brand is targeted for. If not, major mistake! And your sales numbers will show it. Your message needs to resonate with its audience. Take the needed steps to determine who it is that expresses interest in your product and will find it useful. Then make sure you adapt a new marketing plan that will reach this audience effortlessly.

Not tracking your results

If you aren’t tracking results, how will you know what is working or isn’t? Compile the data and look for which tactics are least effective. Now begin brainstorming alternative options that will maximize your profits. Other than tracking your results it can also be useful to take a look at your competitors. Gaining insight into what marketing strategies are working well for them can help you better understand what might work for you.

Not planning

If you are unprepared, rushing through the steps, just winging it, you are sure to miss some things that are crucial to the success of your business. Take time to determine your goals. Carefully consider every aspect and do your research so you can go into the planning stage well informed.


Social media is another excellent way to advertise your brand. It exposes your brand to millions of people, all across the world, that might otherwise have zero knowledge that your product even exists. Just remember, it’s equally important for your business to have a well-designed website that is regularly updated and maintained.



Article by
Ava Collins
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Student award winner Ava Collins