It’s an exciting time for every aspect of business, including marketing. In light of recent events, some companies have to completely overhaul their advertising strategies to meet the shifting demands of their clients. However, by addressing these trends now, you might be one step ahead of the competition.

Voice Search and Digital Assistants

For B2C businesses, customer patience is dwindling due to the accessibility of products via smartphones and the internet. So, when building your SEO strategy, keep natural language and questions in mind, as well as keywords. Then, develop content for your social media posts, blog content, and ads that addresses those questions. Since Google’s algorithm update enables the search engine to understand context, leverage that by utilizing readability and simplicity in your content.

Video Content

A recent study by Hubspot reveals that about half of all consumers are demanding more video content from the businesses they support. Videos of a business representative develop a personal connection between the clients that some experts argue can’t be developed in the form of written material. The fact that YouTube is the second biggest search engine further emphasizes the effectiveness of video content. Creating compelling videos can be as simple as sitting down in front of a neutral background and talking about topics that bring value to your audience.

The Social Media Tools at Your Disposal

In 2020, social media is more than likes and shares. Take Facebook, for instance. The platform allows users to form groups, play games, shop, and watch events. Expand your sales channels by building online catalogs on your Facebook (and Instagram) page by using the shopping features. This type of sales is called social commerce and holds the benefit of shortening your sales funnel by streamlining the checkout process.

Using any one of these techniques requires a little bit of tech knowledge, and the team at SocialCore Marketing is helping small-business owners nationwide launch new online marketing campaigns. If you’re an AFEUSA member, take advantage of your exclusive discount through your membership portal.


by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA