Right now, companies are exploring their options for reopening. For some, even with all the government assistance, their success and their staff’s livelihoods depend on it. At the same time, their staff’s safety is a concern since they can’t afford to lose employees. So, if you’re looking at reopening your small business, make sure you’re doing everything you can to make it a success.

Appoint a Compliance Lead

Preferably at the management level, appoint someone or a small board of employees to help all departments become COVID-19 compliant and ensure the company’s efforts are consistent and coordinated. Plus, it streamlines the entire security process: All issues will be directed to this person or entity. Appointing the lead(s) gives them a sense of duty to the business, encouraging them to act proactively to protect staff and customers.

Review Workflow

Every department is different, and the steps to protect each one will vary, so it’s important to review your various processes and look for ways to redefine your supply chain if needed and restrict employees from physical contact. It can also be an opportunity to improve client and customer safety, like requiring staff to wear gloves and face masks. This process may entail building physical barriers, reducing the use of equipment, or reconfiguring workstations to ensure social distancing in the workplace.

Create and Communicate a Guidance Policy

If your appointed lead or group is not readily available to support a department, you need a policy to guide employees and customers in the proper protocols. These can be brief but need to be in writing. Whether it’s a staff meeting, company-wide email, or one-on-one talk with each employee, make sure everyone knows the guidelines. Also, make the instructions easily accessible by sharing them on business memo boards, infographics, and pamphlets.

Reopening your doors can seem daunting, especially in these unique circumstances. So, make sure you’re working with fellow entrepreneurs in your industry to do everything you can to protect your employees and customers. If you’re an AFEUSA member, use our discussion boards to chat with other small business owners managing their reopening strategies.


by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA