Right now, working remotely is more common than ever, and if you and your loved ones are suddenly sharing a workspace, tensions can arise. No matter how good-natured our loved ones are, small talk, various household questions, and even general disagreements can take a toll on both sides of the situation. So to help maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Everyone needs to be more mindful of common household chores. Even small fights can easily escalate with everyone pressed together. Try reframing chores as quality time activities. This way, you both can spend your time together after work collaborating instead of in conflict.

Since you both are working from home, you may find that either of you could have some potential annoying habits. These include speaking loudly on the phone, loud tapping on a laptop, and video call distractions. So to avoid either of you becoming distracted by the other’s working habits, it’s best to work in different rooms if you can.

You may also find that you have less “me time.” Without that time to gain composure, perspective, or to recharge your batteries, you may become irritable and anxious and make it harder to focus when you do need to work. To avoid this, it’s important to schedule a time for yourself and others in your household to have “me time”.

If you and your significant other are still struggling during these challenging times, companies like Empowered Couples University make relationship management resources easily accessible online. They have several online courses and tools to help driven couples find success. If you’re an AFEUSA member, you can utilize your exclusive discount through your membership portal.


Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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