The pandemic has forced many companies not only to restructure their business, but also shift their focus and brand image going forward into 2021. Rebranding is a great time to catch your customers’ attention, but it’s most important for you to leverage your external communication efforts before you’ll see valuable results.

For example, don’t leave your customers in the dark — tell them why you’re rebranding.

If a change in strategy, expansion into new verticals, or an acquisition or merged entity prompted your rebrand, then prove it to them: Create a new visual identity to bring that information to life.

This is valuable for a couple reasons. One, it’ll help your brand tell your story on its own. For example, today, Walmart is the first-choice brick-and-mortar supermarket for many Americans — but it was once considered a very low-brow store many preferred to avoid. That shift started in 2007 when Walmart changed its motto from “Always low prices” to “Save Money. Live Better.” As it strived to provide more quality and cleanliness, the stores and brand image haven’t been the same since.

Two, your story will make your brand more interactive. It’s an event that gives people a reason to talk about you with their friends or on social media. Create unique campaigns that’ll draw attention toward your rebranding launch, and the talk will do the rest of the work for you.

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Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board