As we’ve approached the holiday season, we’ve talked a lot about how to handle holiday marketing and if it’s right for your company. If you do decide to take part, there are a few unique ways to stand out amongst your peers.

Live Video Event

There is a growing interest in incorporating live video content into marketing campaigns..

Live video helps generate customer trust, personalize conversations, and create genuine consumer connections. It makes your brand seem more authentic, which helps to foster brand community.

Work With A Nonprofit

You can reach new audiences and engage your current customer base by partnering with companies who spread goodwill year-round. Find a nonprofit that shares your same core values and work together to reach both audiences. This will increase your brand awareness and generate some good press that organically promotes positive word of mouth.

Uncover Moments of Impact With Social Listening

Social listening, often referred to as ‘social media measurement’, is a way of gauging how consumers feel about a brand through social media channels. Through this technique, you can identify how your product positively impacts customers. You can utilize these moments to create a marketing campaign that leverages user-generated content to drive engagement and sales.

L’Oreal uses this in its seasonal marketing by working with influencers so help promote new products.

During the holiday season, your messaging should focus on your values and business model. McAfee, the global computer security software company, uses their “most hackable gifts” campaign to elevate their messaging when few people are thinking about cybersecurity.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA