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Financial Education, Debt Counseling with Take Charge America

Get access to complimentary and low-cost financial education and debt counseling services from Take Charge America to help you eliminate debt, budget to meet daily living expenses and save for the future.

Since 1987, Take Charge America has helped more than 1.6 million people manage personal debts and reach their financial goals. As a nonprofit organization, our highly trained financial counselors are committed to helping you work through financial challenges, providing tools and educational resources that empower you on the path to financial independence.

Call 866-750-9612 to speak with a counselor or get started online any time with a free debt review!

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Credit Counseling

Conducted for free online or over the phone, credit counseling starts with a confidential, personal financial assessment to evaluate your current financial situation and determine an action plan for eliminating your debt. Counselors work with you to create a manageable budget, offer educational resources to help you develop effective spending habits, and suggest solutions to help you get on the road to financial freedom.

Debt Management Plans

Debt management plans help you get out of debt by reducing the length of time it takes to repay credit card debt and lowering the total amount of interest paid. Most people on debt management plans are able to repay their debt in five years or less. Benefits of a debt management plan typically include:

  • One convenient monthly payment
  • The end of collection calls
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Waived late and over-limit fees
  • A path to bring accounts current

There is a monthly fee for the plan, which is based on the laws and regulations of your state of residence.

Student Loan Counseling

Student loan counseling is a free service that provides you with information about your available options to repay federal student loans and a recommendation for the best repayment option. 

Student Loan Payment Plan Assistance

Student loan payment plan assistance is a fee-based service that helps you implement a repayment plan, which may include assistance completing enrollment forms and your counselor serving as your advocate on conference calls with your loan servicers.

Pre-purchase Housing Counseling

Do you want to buy a home? Take Charge America’s online Homebuyer Education Workshop can help you apply for up to $15,000 in down payment assistance. HUD-approved housing counselors are also available to answer questions and provide educational resources.

Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Counseling

If you are 62 or older, Take Charge America counselors will review the terms of a reverse mortgage loan, including tax implications, and evaluate alternatives to a reverse mortgage. After your counseling session, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can take to your lender to process the reverse mortgage if you decide to proceed. Reverse mortgage counseling is a fee-based service.

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Are you ready to accelerate your business? You don't have to do it alone. Join AFEUSA now to receive all the benefits of our business coaching, group discounts, informative articles, and more.

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