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Comfort for you and your family

The one predictable thing about life is that it’s unpredictable. And when times get hard, we seek comfort, encouragement and hope for our loved ones. But grief comes in many forms and affects us in different ways. That’s why grief counseling services are offered with your life insurance coverage. Whether it’s help coping with a loss or a major life change, the professional counselors and services we offer through LifeWorks US Inc. are ready to support you and your family to move forward¹ at no extra cost.

Confidential support 24/7

Making sure you receive professional and confidential support during life’s difficult times is
our priority. It could be that:

  • A loved one has died
  • You’ve finalized a divorce
  • You’ve received a serious medical diagnosis or critical illness
  • You’ve lost your job.

These counseling sessions are tailored to you and your individual needs—you can meet in person or over the phone with one of LifeWorks’ network of licensed counselors. If you feel you’d like extra sessions on top of what’s covered in your plan, counselors can help you find professional services that fit your specific needs, preferences, finances and health insurance coverage.

  • Access to a LifeWorks’ in-house attorney for a 30 minute consultation to assist you on making informed decisions as it pertains to a loss.
  • 1 hour consultation with a certified financial planner to assist with education, strategies and options

Easy-to-access resources

Sometimes you just need a little guidance. LifeWorks offers self-help resources online to help you through the grieving process, giving the level of support you need at your own pace. Support covers:

  • End-of-life issues
  • What to do after the death of a loved one
  • Grieving well and getting better
  • Funeral and memorial planning
  • Adult care for surviving elders
  • Single parenting

Funeral assistance services

Through private sessions, counselors can help you, your loved ones and your beneficiaries with customizing funeral arrangements. They can provide referrals and provide helpful information, like:

  • Nearby funeral homes and cemetery options
  • Funeral cost estimates from local providers
  • Other service providers such as florists, caterers and hotels
  • Back-up care for children or elderly
  • Notifying the Social Security Administration, banks and utilities
  • Local support groups.

¹ Grief Counseling and Funeral Planning services are provided through an agreement with LifeWorks. LifeWorks is not an affiliate of MetLife, and the services LifeWorks provides are separate and apart from the insurance provided by MetLife. LifeWorks has a nationwide network of over 30,000 counselors. Counselors have master’s or doctoral degrees and are licensed professionals. The Grief Counseling program does not provide support for issues such as: domestic issues, parenting issues, or marital/relationship issues (other than a finalized divorce). For such issues, members should inquire with their human resources department about available company resources. This program is available to insureds, their dependents and beneficiaries who have received a serious medical diagnosis or suffered a loss. Events that may result in a loss are not covered under this program unless and until such loss has occurred. Services are not available in all jurisdictions and are subject to regulatory approval. Not available on all policy forms.


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