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Genius NetworkEducation/Business Coaching

Genius Network


The Best Kept Secret For High Profile Entrepreneurs

Genius Network brings together the world’s brightest industry transformers and leaders to help people like you (if you qualify) gain access to the most relevant wisdom and strategies to grow your business and design your best life.

Curated discussions on topics and challenges that are TRULY relevant to you and your business right now, with like-minded individuals who are walking a similar path

The collaborative and creative environment you NEED to take your business where you want it to go. The tools, techniques, and feedback from those who have been where you’re wanting to go.

ANY Problem Can Be Solved With The RIGHT Genius Network

Genius Network® is the place where high-level Entrepreneurs go to get their next BIG breakthrough… With access to connection, contribution, and collaboration not available anywhere else. When you have a challenge or problem… Look to your “tribal leaders” in Genius Network® to help you solve it.

Simply put, three things will happen when you join Genius Network® What Exactly Is The Genius Network? A community intentionally created for Entrepreneurs to grow, learn, and serve others. There’s a lot of freedom in this community to get exactly what you need, whether that’s scaling your business, improving your team, solving specific problems, building relationships, or getting a perspective from others who have been there and done that.

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Education/Business Coaching

Big Results Academy
The Messinger Institute
Genius Network
Joel Weldon

SEO/Online Marketing
SocialCore Marketing

Business & Office

Eric's Jobs

Phone, Internet, Cloud
Trapp Technology

Design, Development, Data
E6 Agency

Office Supplies
OfficeMax/Office Depot
UPS Express Delivery

The Newsletter Pro




Car Rental


Vacation Planning
SkyMed Travel

Vehicle Extended Warranty


Financial Services


Debt Help
Take Charge America

Credit Repair
The Credit Clinic

Auto/Fleet Services

Equipment Lease/Purchase
EJ Pro Lease

Payment Processing
First American

Insurance Services
Answer Financial


Health & Wellbeing

Exercise Programs

Medical Services
Needy Meds
Vision Services Pass
1.800 MD
ACI Specialty Benefits
Navigo Lab Services
Rx Valet Pharmacy

Hearing Services
American Hearing Benefits


Home & Family

Revolving Discounts
Benefit Hub
Costco Wholesale

Meal Prep
Home Chef

Senior Care
Long-Term Care Resources
Griswold Home Care

Identity Protection
Cyber ID Lock

Relationship Coaching
Empowered Couples University

Pet Assure

Health Services Hub



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