AFEUSA provides access to appropriate benefits, products and services needed and desired by its members on a cooperative, cost efficient and economical basis utilizing its group strength and purchasing powers.

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BeeKonnected is the premier online hub for entrepreneurs, small business owners, home-based business owners, and business professionals to connect and collaborate to achieve greater success in less time with less expense.

BEEPro Level combines the power of Connections, Tools and Training to put you in control of your business success in any economy!

Let us show you how. Read on…

Grow Your Business FAST using the power of artificial intelligence. Konnection Generator, (Code Name KG) is new proprietary software that automates business networking.

Save yourself countless dollars and weeks, months or even years of frustration trying to find the right people to make a real difference in your business.

KG searches the highest quality professionals in all walks of life and instantly matches you with the exact connections you need. These connections include referral partners, service providers, promoters, publishers, affiliates, vendors, and even customers.

Imagine having the power of direct access to any business connection you will ever need in just seconds.

Now Couple this newfound power with tools to automate the promotion of your business out to mass audiences with ease. No tech skills required.

Now let’s remove the learning curve. To ensure your rapid success we provide step by step training from world class professionals that have all been where you are and have gotten where you want to go. Imagine having access to Connections, tools, and the training to put it all to work for you. It is like the business trifecta for fast success.

How will you change the world once we put you on top of it?

Find out how you as a member of AFEUSA can get discounted access to everything in the BeePro platform.

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Education/Business Coaching

Big Results Academy
The Messinger Institute

SEO/Online Marketing
SocialCore Marketing

Business & Office

Eric's Jobs

Phone, Internet, Cloud
Trapp Technology

Design, Development, Data
E6 Agency

Office Supplies
OfficeMax/Office Depot
UPS Express Delivery

The Newsletter Pro




Car Rental


Vacation Planning
SkyMed Travel

Vehicle Extended Warranty


Financial Services


Identity Protection

Debt Help
Take Charge America

Credit Repair
The Credit Clinic

Auto/Fleet Services

Equipment Lease/Purchase
EJ Pro Lease

Payment Processing
First American

Insurance Services
Answer Financial


Health & Wellbeing

Dental/Vision Plans

Exercise Programs

Medical Services
Needy Meds

Hearing Services
American Hearing Benefits


Home & Family

Revolving Discounts
Benefit Hub
Costco Wholesale

Meal Prep
Home Chef

Senior Care
Long-Term Care Resources
Griswold Home Care

Identity Protection
ID Shield

Relationship Coaching
Empowered Couples University



Legal Advice
Legal Shield


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