AFEUSA Trial Membership Offering


Ashley GoshkarianA message from the president…

I’d like to personally thank you for enrolling in the AFEUSA Trial 12-month Membership and congratulate you on taking the next step towards entrepreneurship. Upon completion of this form, you will receive instructions on how to access the members-only portal which provides valuable resources for yourself, your family, and your business.

This includes:

  • Business coaching and mentoring opportunities 
  • Access to Genius Network
  • Payroll, HR, Credit Counseling and Education
  • Careington Dental, Vision and Hearing discounts
  • Family and Lifestyle discounts
  • Identity and Business operations Protection
  • Member’s Open Forum
  • Monthly newsletter
  • And, additional discounts offered weekly!

We understand that starting a business, or even thinking about it, takes dedication, education and a multitude of trusted resources. We at AFEUSA strive to bring you the most current information on pertinent laws, technology and processes for you to grow the confidence needed to succeed.

Entrepreneurship takes a different shape today than in the past. You may already have a business and not know it! Maybe you are re-selling goods on eBay, repairing and reselling old cars, providing baby sitting services or even driving for Uber, Lyft, or Doordash. The Internet and smart phones have created many gig-economy entrepreneurship opportunities.

In addition to these benefits for our members, we also provide financial support to various community programs that strengthen entrepreneurs, provide educational materials and offering our members medical and lifestyle benefits that are not otherwise obtainable to start-ups and small businesses.

We invite you to reach out to us with ideas on improving our member value and even share your success story. You may even be featured in an upcoming monthly newsletter! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily tools, various resources and networking opportunities. Join our Member’s Open Forum to share your ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. We are always eager to chat with our members.

We are here for YOU! With AFEUSA, its Success by Association.

Ashley Goshkarian,

Who is the Association for Entrepreneurship USA?

The Association for Entrepreneurship USA serves, represents and supports independent and small business leaders across all fifty states through community involvement, education and legislation action. Success by association!

We offer a multitude of benefits to assist in the daily activities associated with starting, running and growing a business as well as many who are considering doing so. By providing information to make a more informed decision about their own futures, we are helping create a better American dream.

We offer $10 membership basis membership, but yes, we have several options to choose from. You will hear from us each month via our monthly newsletter email, but you are always welcome to opt out easily.