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Identifying Today’s Entrepreneur: How This Generation Is Reshaping The Mold

This Is Not Your Daddy’s Company Anymore

Business owners with original ideas used to be able to buy a factory and get their product marching out in bulk. But now, there’s so much competition in any field of interest that pushing out generic products aren’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, business owners are focusing more on customer satisfaction than short-term product. Customer satisfaction means customer loyalty. And these days, it’s so easy to hear what customers have to say even if they live across the globe. Specializing in customer satisfaction is the best way to get yourself ahead of the game. Read More…


Maintaining Your Business Resolutions Throughout The Year

The most important thing when it comes to working toward any sort of goal is to understand that falling down does not equal failing. If you have a bad day or a bad month, try again. It is so much better to move slowly – or even take a step back, if you must – than to give up. So how do we stick to our resolutions throughout the year? How do we stay focused on those long-term goals rather than getting lost in our short goals? How do we keep those resolutions just as important in October as they were in January? Here are 4 ways to help keep your business resolutions at the top of your daily to-do list throughout all of 2019. Read More…

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Trapp Technology

AFEUSA’s featured benefit this month comes from Trapp Technology. Trapp Technology specializes in the following services:

  • Cloud Hosting/Storage (Members get a 30 day free trial, waived set-up fees and 10% discount)
  • VoIP Phones (members receive a 20% discount with 12 month contract)
  • Managed Security services such as server/firewall monitoring and IT related security issues, (members get a 15% discount).

AFE members can reach out to Trapp directly at (877)942-2568, or drop an email to [email protected]. Be sure to use code “AFEUSA” when enrolling in any of the above services. Click the “Learn More” button to check out all Trapp Technology has to offer!



A Student-Centered Business Leadership Organization

In 1959, Eugene L. Dorr wrote to education teacher-coordinators in Arizona saying “our responsibility begins and ultimately ends with the student as the key individual.” The following year, Arizona DECA was founded.

Since then, DECA has been working with high schools and colleges throughout the state of Arizona to prepare students to be the next generation of business leaders. The non-profit organization prepares members for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

This Month’s NEWS //

January News from AFE President Charles Jackson

Happy New Year!

We hope that you enjoyed this past Holiday Season with your family and friends! As we enter into a new year, we should all take just a moment to refresh our outlook and perspective on our personal and business goals. With the economy moving forward, employment figures at their best in decades and with many Americans enjoying added growth in their savings and retirement accounts, let’s use this momentum to continue our successes into 2019!

Monthly Motivation

There is no mountain of success, no summit to be climbed as a final destination. There is only the continuing upward spiral of perpetual growth and successful progress.

Look courageously beyond failure, or stride confidently over a momentary loss, and you’ll see that success lies just ahead.