Critics of holiday marketing often ask, “How can you really raise sales in the span of 30 days?” And while it may seem unrealistic, there is definitely a reason companies big and small boost their marketing budget to target a specific holiday or season. If you want to experience a similar influx of sales this summer, then try using these simple strategies.

Send Holiday Cards

Sending out personalized holiday cards to your frequent customers is a great way to boost sales. People usually expect these kinds of cards from family, not necessarily your business. Small, familiar gestures like these can initiate positive brand reputation and remind them of your upcoming deals and specials for the holiday.

Kid-Friendly Fun

A great way to gain the attention of consumers is through their kids. Have you ever noticed the placement of certain cereals in the grocery store? Most are placed a little lower than you would expect. It doesn’t take much to capture a child’s attention: coloring contests and similar activities can get customers to engage with your brand through their children. This also lays the groundwork for life long customers. Some college students note that they only shop at Home Depot because their parents took them there for workshop classes as kids.


Hosting a giveaway that offers small gifts, gift cards, and other company perks will ensure that your clients and customers feel appreciated. It doesn’t just need to be a gift, services also go a long way. Free gift wrapping or free bows will do just as much.

Be sure to try these out during any holiday. None of these are season specific, so what you learn from one campaign can easily be implemented into the next.

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA