Twitter is a witty, relaxed platform that can help your business grow or flop. The versatility of Twitter allows users to sift through its pages for useful, entertaining, and informative content from businesses and individuals alike. However, though beneficial, its userbase has a tendency towards amplifying negativity. The way to avoid the negative spotlight for you company is by staying professional, posting good content, and not retweeting or commenting on other accounts that would look poorly towards your image. By commenting on other’s content or comments you are allowing users to publish your interactions on a wider scale. This causes bad comments to become worse, while making good comments get better.

Promote with a clear and concise plan in mind. A consistent image resonates across the platform, allowing not only quality viewership and traction of interest on your page, but also flexibility with the wit and comedic play that the platform gives. Leaning too heavily into the comedy will disrupt your company image and prevent some potential customers from being interested. However, by balancing wit with professionalism one is able to effectively promote a business lifestyle that is not only beneficial, but relatable and entertaining.

Though Twitter is a formidable force when it comes to advertising, it is also one that could be detrimental to one’s image. Take care when commenting and consistently put out quality content and there shouldn’t be any problems for you to become successful on Twitter.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson