LinkedIn is an amazing place to for your company presence, however out of the thousands of similar companies it may prove to be difficult to effectively promote your businesses content and page. In-app resources were made to help those who were trying to stand out of the crowd and get in front of a wider and/or more detailed audience. Companies were recorded as having an average of 80% social media growth because of their promotions on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can effectively benefit your company no matter what your goals are. It is a given that thought out, relevant, quality content is what best gets the attention of current and new coming followers. Quality in both visual and literary works. Content with pictures and videos coupled with texts gets the most views and interactions. Growing a substantial audience can come about by using this good content coupled with a solid call-to-action prompt whether that be to “Follow” or “Look at” other points of interest on your page. Always be highlighting your best performing and best quality content as this gives the best outlook for new viewers.

The Content Manager resources in LinkedIn is a vital resource when running Ad Campaigns. Ad campaigns get your business in front of the most people that are in or are associated with your company’s demographic. Not every business will go about the same checklist when discovering success. You will however need to keep a keen eye on your analytics to find the path of least resistance in your efforts towards success. LinkedIn has built-in resources to depict these statistics in clean and readable charts to help you find the success you deserve.


Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson