LinkedIn, the social media platform dedicated to business, is one of the best and most reliable online resources for finding employees and interns for you and your business ventures. Though it is not difficult to find individuals to fit your company’s specifications, it may be more challenging to gather those that fill the space the best. You find yourself asking, “how do I hire good employees using LinkedIn.”

The first course of action is to create a company profile that succinctly depicts an accurate overview of the company and its values. By doing this, you will gather a higher percentage of like-minded employees. Be descriptive when describing the role that is requiring to be filled – it would be costly of both time and resources to hire someone who is ill-equipped for the opening. Including a Questions and Answers section to your description can help in assisting the applicant in fully understanding the position.

Before anyone can be hired, you must first find the applicants. LinkedIn’s built-in recruitment search-engine “LinkedIn Recruiter” helps narrow down its specifications to find the right candidates. The application also assists in allowing the opportunity to show your listing to the 80% of users who are passive. This majority of users don’t actively search for a job but wait for a good opportunity to come about. You should also promote your listing as it greatly increases the number of users that view your openings.

Finding a good employee from the mediocre requires a light screening process. LinkedIn is perfect for researching an applicant’s interests, skill sets, and passions using the many tabs dedicated to connections and online influences. Using the in-app messaging platform you are easily able to get simple questions answered about their application and/or resume. Similarly, you can use the same resource to reach out to those that recommended the applicant.

LinkedIn is one of the strongest platforms to find an employee, and by following these suggestions you can use the platform to find the ones that fit best for you.


Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson