The incessant drive that many Entrepreneurs have is often misunderstood by people who don’t have it. The Entrepreneurs’ normal is not normal to other people – which is why they often feel abnormal. It’s exacerbated when Entrepreneurs hang around people who don’t understand them.

Being able to esteem yourself is important. Driven people usually have that drive because it stems from adversity. I know some of the most successful people on the planet that have had the most horrendous childhoods.

I know other people who seem to have had great upbringings who have no motivation at all. What I’ve learned is that: no matter what, all human beings are dealing with their own things… and the only usefulness of comparison is that it gives you data to get out of feeling sorry for yourself.

Every person has their cross to bear. Everyone has something they are dealing with or have dealt with that is difficult… even insurmountable at times. But, if you look at your success and what drives you… you’ll see that it is your resourcefulness that pulls you out of the traps you find yourself in.

In the struggle are so many gifts.

Even in suffering, if you can understand the suffering in yourself… then, you can start to empathize and relate to the suffering of other people.

Part of your ability to transform and grow is how well you can take sh*t and turn it into fertilizer. It’s about how well you can take adversity and parlay it.

It doesn’t matter what happens; what matters is what you do with it. You’re not here because of where you’ve been; you’re here because of where you want to go. Today can be the last day of the way you used to be. And if you love what you’re doing, you can enhance it and make yourself even more capable.

Ask yourself, “What’s the next level I need to go to?” Take the first step now!

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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