When you work for a company, it is easy for your employees to feel underappreciated and overworked. It is critical that you, as a business owner or a boss, are able to show your employees that they are appreciated. Here are some easy and simple things that you can do to make sure your employees feel loved and valued.

Eye contact and nice language
Sometimes, even a thank you is all someone needs to feel like their work is being valued. Eye contact, nodding, and truly listening when someone is talking to you can make all the difference. Employees need to feel like they are being heard in their field.

Do something nice
Offering to buy dinner, lunch, or other gestures can give reassurance to your employees. Small things like notes, food, or team activities can make your employees feel like people, not just robot workers.

Take care of some of the responsibilities
A lot of the time, employees feel like you can’t level with them on their jobs. Being understanding and offering to help take care of some of their responsibilities, or doing it without asking, can really show your appreciation.

The truth is, when employees feel like they are appreciated, they want to do their jobs. And when your employees want to do their jobs, their work is better quality. These things are relatively cheap, take little to no time, and can make all the difference in your company

Article by
Megan Stobie
Content Writer and Researcher