Being a business leader is something that many would love to have the pleasure of becoming, however only few become successful, while even fewer get recognized for it. Participating in speaking engagements is one of the rewards that accompany this title. This article will help you to promote yourself as a business leader and gather opportunities to present at speaking engagements.

In the event that you are a knowledgeable and confident business leader and speaker, promoting yourself is now the only issue. Promoting yourself as a business leader without the proper experience and resources is not recommended as audiences will recognize this and will not be encouraged to follow you throughout your growing career. The better you are as a business leader and/or speaker will determine the strength and commitment of your initial core audience.

Social media is the first step in reaching that initial audience. If you are fluent in social media, it would be an option to run it yourself starting out, but anyone that is not frequent with trends or editing techniques should look into hiring an individual or group to run this for you. Cross-platforming encourages more eyes to see your content at any given time over multiple different applications and websites. Nowadays social media credibility can be easily used as leverage when finding your first gig.

Join business groups, forums, and events. Attend as a “high-profile” guest to events when you do not have an engagement scheduled. Contact local event coordinators and vendors to find upcoming events to see if there is an opportunity to speak. Hiring an agent to make these contacts for you provides a more professional and exclusive image that may be required to attend larger events. Starting small and perfecting your craft is very affective, however reach out to as many opportunities as possible as there could be openings that require a filling.

Lastly, always be innovating. Doing and saying things before they become mainstream can pave the way for a lot of attention and recognition. Be unique and be the first. Uniqueness helps you stand out from all other business leaders in the field. Build an online presence, reach out to as many opportunities as possible, perfect your speaking ability and content, and always innovate as time goes on.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson