In the last few years, freelancing, gig work, and home offices have been more common. When it comes to tax season, people who have adapted to this new form of work want to make sure they are getting the most out of their tax returns.

Work Based Vehicles
If you drive a car at all for your business, registering it in the company name and having it as a company vehicle can maximize your tax refund! If you are doing deliveries, or managing any of your work through your vehicle, you need to do this.

Home Offices
A lot of people have started working from home, especially after and during the pandemic. If you work from home, whatever space you do your work in can be filed on your taxes as your office space. In the same sense as the work-based vehicle, filing your space as a home office can really give you that edge when it comes to your tax return.

Keep track of your time
Most people recommend a time tracking when it comes to freelancers filing tax reports. When you work on your own time and your own schedule, it can sometimes become hard to really detect what you have done and what you have earned. Having an app or even a spreadsheet to ensure you get every second of time logged is so important.

These are just a few simple things you can do when you are filing your tax returns to ensure you are getting every cent you deserve. Freelance work can sometimes be a tricky field to be in when it comes to taxes but keeping track of everything and filing correctly can make all the difference.

Article by
Megan Stobie
Content Writer and Researcher