Right now, we’re seeing a significant shift in the work environment as many employers adapt to working remotely. Whether you have a home office or you’re sharing counter space with your kid’s breakfast, working from home is no easy task. To help manage your new workspace, here are a few ways you can maintain your productivity.

Set a Schedule

To make an effective work schedule, you have to be realistic with what your life is going to throw at you. For instance, if you have family functions, visit your kids on lunch, or usually work late, you need to factor those into your day. This way, you can establish personal norms that will keep you on task week to week. Additionally, meticulously cataloging your daily tasks gives you perspective on your workflow. With that, you know how much time you have for each project, which will help you stay productive throughout the day.

Keep Communication Open

Most organizations have some instant messaging or collaboration software. Regardless of what you use, make sure it indicates you’re online available for questions or concerns. By doing this, you will ensure your employees know when they bring up concerns, and you’re not bombarded by business-related issues when you’re off the clock. This is also beneficial to employees because if they have a question and see that you’re offline, they will move onto another task rather than waiting for your response.

Stock Up On Supplies

Before the next day, you plan to work remotely, make a note of the type of office supplies you use up daily. Then be sure to stock up and wait till the weekend to refill on anything. Any little trip to the office store eats up valuable time you could be using to finish projects. If you’re an AFEUSA member, you can utilize your office max discount to stock up on all the office equipment you need.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA