We all have important files we want to keep safe, but one more password and infinite storage options in the 21st century can be a little overwhelming. Keep reading for some tips on how to keep your documents safe online and in your filing cabinet.

If you have documents with important ideas, information, or images, I know how important it is that those documents are kept in a location where they can always be found. When storing documents online, there is a surplus of storage apps that you could use. Generally, it is a good idea to keep multiple copies of your documents. Save it in more than one place. Title it “duplicate” or give it a copy number to avoid accidental deleting or erasing. A flash drive, while mildly outdated, is a great document storage method.

A cloud storage account is one of the most common ways to keep your documents safe. Cloud storage accounts like Google Docs, iCloud (Apple), Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive, are all reliable cloud storage sites. Another storage mechanism is a secure mobile device like a specific phone or computer.

As far as hard-copy document storage goes, it’s at your discretion. There are many kinds of self-storage units that you can purchase in your area, in all sizes, with facility security. If you need somewhere to store documents long-term or short-term in a safe place, a storage unit organized as you like is a great option.


Article by
Abigail Dycus
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Abigail Dycus