Everyone has their own unique passions, but sometimes those passions will not provide enough money to live off. Sometimes it can be challenging to transform that fun side hustle into a sustainable profit.

One way to continue to cultivate your passion is by planning out your days. A personal calendar is a great way to be organized and plan how you can use those free hours you have in your day. This way you can see your schedule and when the perfect time would be to work on your passion project and turn it into a business.

Another idea would be to find what inspires you. This is important because when you are inspired you will be able to create much easier. When you have a busy schedule, you do not want to waste those hours set aside trying to become inspired, you want to already have those ideas written down or in your head.

It is also important to believe in yourself. It is so easy to give up on your passions because you do not think anything will become of them. Even when you are struggling with this, it is essential to remember the joy your passion brings you and why you do what you do. A vision board could also be a good way to remind yourself of what your main goal is and how far you have come.

Finding your passion is the easy part, turning it into a profitable business is the hard part. Utilize resources like YouTube, blogs, and people who are knowledgeable in the business world to learn how to monetize that passion you have.


Article by
Derek Bock
Content Writer, Marketer and Researcher