It’s going to be tough to celebrate the holidays with our older family members this year, especially if they’re locked down in their local caretaking homes. We have no fast answers to when it’ll be safe — it might be already decently safe in your area by the time November and December roll around, but it also might not be. However, as we get into the holiday months, you might be wondering about the plans and backup plans you should start making for the holidays. We have one idea: Start planning a special holiday care package.

There’s nothing more important than knowing you’re loved, no matter how old you care. You can start planning a special care package today by calling up family members to submit special messages, gifts, and other thoughtful additions to represent just how much your family cares. These can provide hours of activity for your elderly loved one as they sort through the messages and considerate gifts your family offers them.

Best of all, if it’s safe for them to visit, this can be a fantastic gift to share in person. But if it isn’t safe, and your family can video chat, then we also strongly recommend having a video chat with them while they open the care package! You will get to see their reaction and share that special holiday moment with them all together.

You may have an older family member who isn’t in a home, but may need one, which is especially challenging to navigate now, more than ever. Looking for elderly care and end-of-life planning can be difficult, but you’ll have an easier time as an AFEUSA member because you’ll have unique deals on services like Griswold Home Care and Long-Term Care Resources. At AFEUSA, we want our entrepreneurs to never feel like they lack resources for their business or their family. Take advantage of our discounts, and your business and family planning will always be a step ahead.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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