When it comes to meeting people and expanding your network, the main mindset to have is this: Think about what’s in it for the other person, instead of thinking about growing and building a network for yourself.

To build a group of people who want to be part of your life, think about the people you know, who you want to know, and how do you help them get what they want without an agenda, trickery, or manipulation. By focusing on creating value for them, they naturally want to help you.

In many situations I focus first on how I can reduce suffering and eliminate pain, angst, stress, and negative things from a person’s life. I also look to help people reach opportunities, but I look just as much for pain points. I look for where someone is hurting, and I try to find ways to take away or eliminate their hurt.

Remember: People don’t buy from you because they understand what you do; People buy from you because they feel understood.
Whenever we meet or like someone, it’s usually because they have qualities or characteristics that we like and admire, which is what a shared value system is.

Part of building a Network is also being useful, generous, and appreciative. This means not immediately approaching people with, “Hey, we can make a lot of money together,” before you’ve established any rapport. (“Rapport” is trust with comfort. If you want to build a network, you first have to build rapport so people feel trust AND comfort. It’s not just about people trusting you; It’s also about people feeling comfortable with you while trusting you.)

All of this is not done because you’re entitled to it. You EARN this.
You DEMONSTRATE it. Part of being useful to someone isn’t just telling people you can help them; It’s about ACTUALLY helping them.

If you ask someone how you can help them, you have to deliver upon whatever it is they say or have enough ability to do some research on someone such that you’re able to anticipate. (This is so much easier to do today, and yet it’s amazing how little people will learn about the person before they try and talk to them or reach out to them!)

To develop your network, ask people: “How can I help you? What’s causing you pain in your life?” And if you can identify what they need without even having to ask them, and you just show up with a connection, a book, a resource, a strategy, etc. that will deliver to them something they are already publicly mentioning, that’s extremely valuable.

One more point: TIMING is really important too. For example, the time to develop rapport with someone is NOT the moment they get off a stage and you try and engage them in a deep conversation. The only thing you want to do at that point is make contact and enough of an impact to at least secure an email, phone number, or a way to contact them. If someone is in a compressed state of time, connecting with them may be better done through someone that already knows them and has trust with them.

Part of this is being able to gauge someone’s ability to be RECEPTIVE to your help and your offer. Where people often mess up is when they have the right intention and/or action, but the timing is off.

So, remember: Focus on how you can help reduce their suffering. Be fun and memorable. And, in all cases, create value on the spot.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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