Applying for jobs after college is a scary process, you may have many questions like where am I going to live? How long before I find one? Maybe you are even trying to apply at Starbucks for the time being. Don’t stress; I know, easier said than done, but if you follow these it will not be as difficult as it seems.

Create an online profile
I cannot express this enough, when you apply for a job, they will look at your social media, so CLEAN IT UP! Removing any unflattering posts, comments, and images. If you, have it anywhere on the internet then assume your employer will see it, something as simple as an inappropriate meme can turn away a job offer. Do not forget to update your LinkedIn account and if you do not have one then make one immediately. This is like your online resume, here you can post previous experience, sample of work, skill sets and a copy of your resume. Having a LinkedIn makes it much easier for possible employers to find you and learn more about you. This also can give you networking opportunities.

Create a resume
Any job you apply for will ask to see a resume, make sure you have a good one. Do not stress about style and colors, an employer only cares about what you are able to bring to the company. Include work experience, education level, and skill sets as bullet points. This is all important information, but they do not want lengthy paragraphs; keep it simple, keep it clear. Make sure to include your name in big letters at the top of your resume and a form of contact.

Your dream job will not be handed to you, you must work for it. Research companies you want to work for and apply online. Even if they do not have any available positions, reach out to someone, and see if they can get you connected to someone who might. If not, at least they will have your name if availability comes up in the future.
Many people get discouraged and settle for a job they did not want, continue to persevere and you will be able to get a job that pays well but most importantly, makes you happy.

Article by
Brynna Benjamin
Content Writer and Researcher