Fostering a company culture can be difficult. You want a culture that people gravitate towards, but you also need to maintain professionalism. Part of fostering a beneficial company culture is understanding the line between sharing and oversharing.

People like to share their weekend experiences and life events, but, at times, it can push the boundaries of work appropriate conversation. Some employees will go so far as to share that they’re looking for a new job or having issues with their significant other. There’s a time and a place for sharing personal information, and it’s not in a work setting.

Sometimes life outside the workplace can affect your job performance. Telling your peers that you’ve been sick for days will inform them of your ability to handle additional projects. If you’re having an off day or dealing with a stressful situation, informing your boss of it will help them understand where to distribute responsibilities for the week or month. When in doubt, spare any unnecessary details, as oversharing has its drawbacks.

Oversharing will indicate to your peers that you’re not 100% committed to the quality of your work. Sharing that you were sick one day and dealing with in-laws the next will gain you a reputation of always having an excuse.

The trick is to exercise moderation. If something comes up in your personal life that significantly impacts your productivity, communicate that with your team. If it’s something that presents you in a negative light, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

If you feel things are too personal in your business, or not sure where to draw the line, reach out to a business consultant. They can help you determine where the line lies and how to broach the subject with employees.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA