Remember when we thought this pandemic would be over in a few months? I do, and it feels like it must’ve been years ago.

While every area is recovering at different rates, our divided nation can probably agree on one thing: We’re all tired of this pandemic. We miss having a normal routine in the sunshine and among people. Maybe we overcommitted to extra obligations to accommodate the pandemic, but now, we might be totally exhausted.

I’ll be honest: “Relaxing” doesn’t always cut it. You may need to unplug entirely. Here are some ideas about how to recharge!

Start by setting new limits on your tasks and obligations, including boundaries on people in your life who may be asking for more than you can give. What’s necessary for your survival and mental well-being? Trim the things wearing you down to the bone, and embrace what will help you breathe a little easier. We can focus on our own health, happiness, and relationships when our focus isn’t split in a million directions — being tired, depressed, and anxious can strain our ability to get tasks done or engage with reality.

Second, get more sleep. Make time to get more sleep, and make sure you fall asleep by reading or using bath bombs, anything that helps you unplug and unwind. Even if you’re getting enough sleep by most standards, it’s possible you need more rest during this time.

Third, reconnect with the important people in your life and remember you’re not experiencing this pandemic alone. It’s important to take care of yourself, but that doesn’t always mean shutting people out. It can also mean opening up to one of your comrades in life, a partner, close friend, or family member. Vent, cry, laugh! These can help lighten the burden on our shoulders — and even if the problems don’t go away, talking to a friend can help make it seem a lot more manageable.

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I hope you give yourself a break soon. See you next time, friends.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet